Popped Crop's Salty - FOV Labs Inc.
Popped Crop's Salty - FOV Labs Inc.

Popped Crop's Salty

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Calling all Gen-Xers!

Blueberry Pastry Toaster Pop

Saturday mornings were filled with the excitement and anticipation of hitting the sweet spot on the couch, just after turning the dial on the floor model T.V. to channel 3 for the next chapter in our hero's story. Mom, in her fleece housecoat and matching pink slipper's following you into the rec room nagging you to eat something while handing you a plate... The smell, it's the ONLY thing that takes your attention away from the sirens blaring from the high speed chase, everything stops... it's your favourite! harVest blueberries ready in minutes, popped out of the toaster and ready to serve...



WARNING: These e-liquids are NOT intended for use in a direct lung vaping system. They are intended for mouth-to-lung devices such as pod systems.

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