Champagne Soda SC - WF
Champagne Soda SC - WF
Champagne Soda SC - WF
Champagne Soda SC - WF
Champagne Soda SC - WF

Champagne Soda SC - WF

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Champagne Soda SC by Wonder Flavours. Take a trip to the Caribbean tropics with the taste of champagne soda! If you like the taste of sweetened carbonated soda, you have got to try this one.

With a flavour profile that is reminiscent of bubblegum or, in some cases, cream soda, this super concentrated champagne soda flavouring will be a pleasant treat from your usual soda flavours. You just might end up loving this one!

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Water Soluble, PG Based, Super Concentrated Flavouring.

DIRECTIONS: Add the flavour concentrate to our premix base at 1-4% (Recommended for WF) and shake well before use. You now have the power to mix your own favourite flavours right at home. The possibilities are endless!

WARNING: These concentrated flavour are not intended to be vaped as is. They MUST be diluted with pre-mix in order to become vapeable. 

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