Bilberry Shisha - INW
Bilberry Shisha - INW
Bilberry Shisha - INW

Bilberry Shisha - INW

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Bilberry Shisha by Inawera is a secret weapon to any pro mixers arsenal. Its immense boosting capability is only matched by things like Cactus and TFA Dragon Fruit. This one is particularly useful with berries in general. Its best use in the fashion at 0.-25-0.5%.
Water Soluble,  PG based flavouring.

DIRECTIONS: Add the flavour concentrate to our premix base at 0.5-0.25% (Recommended for INW) and shake well before use. You now have the power to mix your own favourite flavours right at home. The possibilities are endless!

WARNING: These concentrated flavour are not intended to be vaped as is. They MUST be diluted with pre-mix in order to become vapeable. 

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