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In this page you will find a tutorial on how to mix your own e-liquid by weight. We highly recommend mixing by weight since it is the cleanest and most precise way to mix. You will also find a link to an e-liquid calculator that can be downloaded on any PC. Below is a tutorial to mix by weight:


DIY E-Liquid Part 2 : Mixing by Weight Tutorial




Mixing With a Premix Base

Here's a step by step guide to mixing with a pre-mix flavour base as you wont need to add your own nicotine and the ratio is already mixed for you. This helps speed up the process and allows your mixes to be much more precise.

Step 1: (Raw Material)

Check Ratio and Mg strength before entering data into calculator. For this example we will use a Premix Base of 70Vg 30Pg with a nicotine strength of 3mg and we will be making a 60mL bottle of 3mg/mL.

Step 2: (Premix Base)

Set your "Nic Base" to the following:

PG = 30, VG = 70, % = 3mg

Step 3: (Nicotine and Batch Size)

Set your "Target Nicotine %" to = 3mg

Set you "Target Amount To Make" to = 60mL

Step 4: (Recipe Creation)

Step 4 is the funnest step. It is where you will either create your own recipe or use our DIY Flavour Dropz which are complete recipes and can simply be adding to the flavour list below at 20%. For this recipe we will be making a simple Iced Strawberry Apple and Peach recipe. This particular recipe can be found on ELR. Here is a link below to the exact recipe and a screen shot of it as well. Disregard Nicotine, VG and PG settings as we have already completed this step and you are using a flavour base. I will explain in later steps how to use Juice Grinder to its full advantage.

For now concentrate on the flavour percentages. Enter the flavour name in the "Flavor" box and the percentage in the "PCT" box next to it. Repeat this step for all flavours. Click PG for flavours that are PG based. If you would be using a VG based flavour you would click VG.


Step 5: (Setting Weights)

Click on the 3 dots "..." following "Grams/mL". A new screen will open with weights for Nicotine, Vg, Pg and Flavouring. Set as follows

Nicotine 1.249

VG 1.249

PG 1.04

Flavouring 1.00

Make sure to save and then exit.


Step 6: (Calculate and Reading Calculator)

After step 5 click calculate. Read the scale as follows when mixing with Premix. 

On the right side of the calculator you will find weights for VG, PG and Nicotine. Since you are using a Premix Base check for Ingredients Total and use the "G" column for the weight toal.

Skip to the flavouring and us the "G" column as well for the weights.

Step 7: (Creating the Mix)

Now turn on your scale, Wait for it to reach 0 and calibrate. Watch the video above for a calibration tutorial as well as a tutorial to mixing by weight but keep in mind, in the video they are mixing with nic, vg and pg separate. so it's a little different for us. 

Once you Calibration is complete, press tare on the scale and add your Premix first by looking at the "G" column next to "Ingredients Total". Once added press tare and move on to your first flavour.

Add Strawberry Ripe by TPA with the weight in its respected row under the "G" Column. Once added press tare and repeat the process for the rest of the flavourings.

Step 8: (Shake and Vape)

This is the final step in DIY'ing. Shake or stir your liquid vigorously without adding too much air into your mix. Air degrades the nicotine and makes it harsher will dulling your flavours. Let stand 1-3 days for fruits. 1 -2 weeks for creams and custards and 3-4weeks for tobaccos. Steeping is an art and may require a step called breathing as well. This is where patience comes into play and is also why most mixers make different variations of a single mix to help speed up the process of tweaking a recipe to perfection. 


All right thats it your ready to begin your journey into E-Liquid DIY'ing. As always if you have any questions we are here to help you along the way and look forward to answering ay and all of your questions. 



E-Liquid Calculator

Juice Grinder is by far the easiest and most well built e-liquid calculator we have ever used. Whether you mix small batches or large scale blends, Juice Grinder can handle it all. With its built in inventory feature and recipe cost calculator you can't go wrong. Follow the link below to download a free version of it.


Screen Shots Of Juice Grinder

Main Display Screen 

Recipe Cost Calculator

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