ISO9001:2015 Bureau Veritas

Fogged Out Labs has been ISO9001:2015 accredited since 2018

Becoming ISO9001:2015 is no easy task. It takes a motivated organization to pull it off. You must be committed to continuously improving quality standards and customer service and that`s exactly who we have been since day 1. We were able to achieve this accreditation via Isolocity. It is now our go to quality management software and we are glad to be working with them!



ISOLOCITY Quality Management System


Our Quality Management Professionals

"Fogged Out Labs, Its employees and partners are committed to providing products and services that consistently meet and exceed our customers' and interested parties' expectations, with continued emphasis on consistency and adhering to regulatory requirements. Our goal is to continually improve our quality management system for our employees and customers. We strive to maintain our reputation of providing superior quality products and outstanding customer service"


CCCR2001 Compliant

CCCR2001 Compliant Since 2017

All our labels and bottles are CCCR2001. We produce our product inside an ISO7 Cleanroom and ISO9 Bottling Facility. Our Liquids are tested in accordance to HC regulations. Batch records and Batch Samples are kept at our warehouse. With Fogged Out Labs comes not only high quality products but manufacturing processes as well. 



CVA Canadian Vaping Association Activer Memeber


Fogged Out Labs has been an active member of the Canadian Vaping Association since 2016.

Although we do not fully agree with the objectives of the CVA, we commend them for their hard work and dedication to the industry and to every vaper fighting to save it. 



E Cig Trade Association Member


Fogged Out Labs was a member of ECTA until it's dissolvement in 2019


ECTA was a leading organization for Canada at its peak. From establishing certifications for members to creating label guidelines before any clear definition was available from HC. We were proud members and remain proud of participating in a pioneering association such as ECTA. 



VAEP World Supporter


Proud Supporting Members Since 2019

Fogged Out Labs fully supports vaping education and advocacy. Supporting VAEP World was a no brainer. Some of the best information in regards to vaping and its benefits can be found on their website. This non for profit organization spearheaded by Kelly Ann Forbes BScN RN. We are beyond proud to be supporting members of a advocacy group so passionate about vaping education!




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