With the passing of Bill S-5, retailers may find themselves without a compliant facility to produce e-liquids for their house lines. Does that sound like you? If so, co-packing with FOV Labs is the solution you’ve been looking for!

ISO9001:2015 Certified
ECTA Certified
Canadian Vaping Association Member since 2016

CCCR2001 Label Compliance
CCPSA Bottle Compliance

With these certifications, we can guarantee that your lines will never be pulled off of shelves or be subjected to fines.


We use Isolocity to trace all our batches. This quality management software allows us to track how many bottles are produced daily (this is a requirement for Health Canada as of November 2018). Isolocity also allows us to keep a batch record and samples in case of a batch error. We can run reports on any batch and recall anything if needed.

Markting & Label Creation

We have templates that follow Health Canada standards and can create all your art at no extra cost to you. We can also create the marketing for your line which may be used at your discretion. You also have the option to distribute your line via our website.


If you provide us with your recipes for co-packing they will be confidential and remain yours. If you choose to use another co-packer we will give you back all your recipes and delete any trace of them other than the batch records (also to protect you).

You also have the option of allowing us to create your recipes. If you choose this option, the same rules apply. Any recipes we create for you will remain yours indefinitely.

Processing & Shipping

All orders that total over $750 or over will be shipped for free. Our processing times will be two-day delivery within four business days from the time the order is placed. We can also keep a stock of your e-liquid in our warehouse once we have an approximation on what your monthly order quantities will be. This will greatly improve shipping and processing times. 


We offer extremely competitive pricing on co-packing, with price break tiers depending on order quantity. Our wholesale pricing has always been based on complete fairness to our customers, and our philosophy on co-packing prices are no different.


Click the image below to view our ISO9001:2015 certificate.