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About Us

FOV Labs is located in the heart of the Maritimes:

Moncton, New Brunswick.

FOV Labs Inc., was founded by Charles Byram early 2016. Here is a statement directly from him in regards to how he founded FOV Labs.


"While battling thru some of the roughest times of my life. I was working 12hr night shifts at Armour Transportation Services. At that time, I was working 60-80hrs a week just to make ends meet. I was in a brutal custody battle for my son and needed to put in the hours to pay for a lawyer in order to see him again. At that point in my life it had been 2 yrs since I last held my boy. Needless to say, my heart was heavy and my mind was scattered. A lot of rough days were lived back then.

I had been battling an addiction to combustible tobacco for a little over 10yrs, all the while watching my mother's health decline more and more due to cigarettes. She had multiple strokes during my battle with combustible tobacco and even lost her equilibrium to a stroke. When I discovered Vaping and realized how effective it was. I tried to get her to switch but was unsuccessful. I sometimes criticize my mother for her stubbornness but in all reality that has been passed down to me and it's probably why I am so driven. I made it my mission to help others quit at that moment. 

At Armour I would educate people around me and help them transition. When I first got hired there everyone smoked. By the time I left nearly all of them had switched. Money was tight and e-liquid expensive. I decided to DIY and research my way thru it. I used my position at Armour and the dead time to accomplish the research I needed to start. With my last 126$ (That was for my electric bill) I placed an order and when it arrived I never looked back. 

I started bringing my homemade crafted liquids to work and soon everyone was asking me to buy a bottle. So I went with the demand and created flavours according to what they wanted. The entire Fogged Out line was the ideas of the boys on the dock poured into a bottle. I built my website there, I registered the business there and I grew my inventory there. I owe everything to the boys at Armour Transportation Services and I'll never forget it.

I spent 60 - 80hrs a week at armour and 40-50 hours building this business. Somedays I didn't sleep a wink from shift to shift and kept going cause I knew this was the only way I would ever be able to finally see my son again. Looking back on it now I honestly have no idea what kept me going physically. My wife France was beyond supportive even when I skipped bills for raw material. Without her I would have failed a long time ago. 

Finally a Vape Shop caught wind of us and we were in! That's when things started moving fast. I hired my first employee and built our first laboratory with my own two hands all the while taking care of my clients. Those early days were full of curveballs but with the people surrounding me there was no way I could quit. 

Fast forward to 2018... I finally got to hold my baby boy in my arms again. After 4.5yrs... I speak about it now and my heart is still overwhelmed. I can't thank everyone enough for all the support. It means the world to my son and I. I finished our second laboratory in August of 2019. We have been ISO9001:2015 certified since 2018 and to me it's still all a dream. There are no words to describe how grateful I am... Growing up as a poor kid in a fatherless family and a broken mother was not easy, but it has given me a set of tools in life that no school or college could ever teach. Reach for the stars, believe in yourself and never give up no matter how hard things may seem. You are the master of your own destiny"

Charles Byram

CEO & Founder

FOV Labs Inc. (Est.2016)


We are committed to not only delivering premium e-liquids at affordable prices, but also an overall outstanding experience. We carry only the highest grade Glycerine, Glycol and Flavour Concentrates. We take pride in our e-liquids and care about our customers. We personally thank each and every one of you for choosing FOV Labs as your e-liquid provider! Without our customers we are nothing.

Quality Policy

“FOV Labs, its employees and partners are committed to providing products and services that consistently meet and exceed our customers’ and interested parties’ expectations, with continued emphasis on consistency, and adhering to regulatory requirements. Our goal is to continually improve our quality management system for our employees and customers. We strive to maintain our reputation of providing superior quality products and outstanding customer service.”

Sales to Minors Policy

FOV Labs is committed to ensuring our products do not reach the hands of those under 19 years of age. We consistently age check our retail customers on their first website order and personally vet each vape shop we sell to, to ensure their standards for age verification meet or exceed ours.