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Vitamine E Acetate, Not All E-Liquids are Created Equal!

We at FOV Labs Inc. take pride in our E-Liquids and our #1 Priority is our customers safety. In fact our business was founded on helping people transition from combustible tobacco to a healthier alternative. Our traditional Nicotine E-Liquids are manufactured in an ISO7 Cleanroom and we are an ISO9001:2015 quality management company. We use only water soluble raw materials such as:

-99.7% Pure USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin

-99.7% Pure USP Grade Propylene Glycol

-99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine

-USP Grape Food Grade Flavourings


We do not produce THC Carts and we do not use any products restricted by the TVPA. Such as Vitamine E Acetate, MCT Oils, Caffein, Diacetyl, Food Coloring, etc. Oils are fatty and when inhaled cause a form of Pneumonia called Lipoid Pneumonia. This is exactly what has been happening in the US and the cause behind the case in Ontario. 

We beg you to always buy from reputable sources. People are getting sick from these counterfeit THC carts because drug dealers are cutting pure THC concentrates with Vitamine E Acetate to make their pure product go further and increase their wealth at the expense of your health. We do not condone this behaviour and take your health seriously. FOV Labs is committed to your safety, High quality products and outstanding customer service. 

We are here to help and welcome any and all questions in regards to these illnesses. We want to make it perfectly clear. Traditional Nicotine Vaping is not the problem and there needs to be a clear cut definition between the two. The Royal College of Physicians stand their ground when saying that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and you should not be alarmed by the media. We have pinned a video on our homepage that helps explain what is going on and should help put your minds at ease. 

As always we can not tell you how much we appreciate your support and efforts in spreading the truth about traditional nicotine vaping. We love and care for each and everyone of you!

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